November 5 2017

100wc flame, swimming, celebrated, white, tomorrow

TOMORROW is a big day i have to turn up for school i started getting ready for bed as i heard some popping of fire i went to invistigate there was a pool of FLAME on the floor! i went WHITE with fear i ran outside and looked behind me the whole house was on fire! this is one of the resons i hated living on a farm there was so much grass! i ran and ran and ran once i got far away and called the fire fighters i CELEBRATED like i never did before

October 22 2017

100WC My Unlucky Day

Oh no… i forgot to do my homework…. and i forgot my myki pass… how will i get to school? do i want to get to school? oh no i forgot my bag.. all my stuff was in their… oh well i might as well get it done and finished ill go to school and face my punishment then it will be all over right? shouldn’t be too hard. you know what i will take a short cut through the park oh the lake looks wonderful today WHOA… SPLASH….. i give up can i go home now?….

July 23 2017


I sat on my horse on the carousal this would be boring I thought  I wondered if it would take long I really wanted to continue playing Pokemon go I gave a humph and plopped onto the back of the horse this would be boring the carousel began to slowly spin this would be boring. the horse that I was on slowly went up and down there was a loud creak every time suddenly some purple dust fluttered onto the horses and I turned to my friends behind me but they were not there horses sped off towards the sun. this is fun!

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July 15 2017

Spinifex hopping mouse project reflection

Section 1

I n term 2 we did projects on a certain desert animal my partner was Aaliyah overall I think that we did very well our animal was the spinifex hopping mouse me and my partner made a diorama and a poster and made a PowerPoint to present our presentation. I think that me and my partner did really well on our information we went above expectations  we crossed off everything in the Working above expectations column for information report. both of our diagrams were carefully drawn our model had labels and is lifelike i think that the overall level that i achieved was working above expectations

3 Facts That I Found Interesting Or Surprising Are

  1. That the spinifex hopping mouse kills its babies  so that it is less crowded in the burrow and so that it is not that hot and sticky.
  2.  that the spinifex hopping mouse has a tail that when at its full length can be twice the length of the body
  3.  That the spinifex hopping mouse has very efficient kidneys that take out most of the water from its waste and then uses that water to help it survive.

2 Understandings That I now Have Are

  1. That the mouse finds its meals very easily because most of them are already in their burrow
  2. That the mouse would have to take more risks if it was not for its very efficient kidneys because if it did not have efficient kidneys then that would mean that it would have to go hunting more which would increase the risks

1 Wonder I Still Have Is

1 if the spinifex hopping mouse did not  hop what pros and cons would there be?

Section 2

What were the most important i have learnt

The most important thing that i learnt is that you should be more organised with your project and you should get into the habit of checking your email  and double checking things

How Did I Learn That

i learnt that  because i realize  that i do not check my email often or that i forget too so that means that when i get to school i don’t know the information that my partner sent me and that you should double check things such as your cue cards when i made my cue cards i did not double check that i did them correctly and so that meant that when i practiced i did it all wrong.

What i am going to do with what i have learnt

i will work with a partner whenever i can to practice checking my email and i am going to remind myself to double check and remind my partner in future lessons/projects.


To summarize i learnt that  you should double check things and be more organised with my email and that i should be more on top of my work and that i should note down things that i understand or facts that are interesting and questions about things a goal i have for the next time i work in a group is to communicate more with my partner/s.


June 4 2017

Btn weedy sea dragons

Weedy sea dragons are little animals that live near the coast of Australia here are some facts understandings and a question about them


1 They are found mostly in the south and east coast but can be found north of Australia

2 They are related to sea horses

3 and they can really blend in with their habitat


One understanding is that weedy sea dragons are endangered and are harder and harder to spot and thats not because of their camouflage another understanding is that biologists have a very good idea to find out how many of them are left they ask scientists to go down find a weedy and take a picture then they can see the weedy and can count how many are left


One question i have is how many weedy sea dragons are there?


June 4 2017

100wc … in the flash of lightning I saw …

… in the flash of lightning I saw …  A creepy face in the lightning i felt terrified i ran away the rain was lashing at my face ran until i couldn’t run anymore i stopped and rested under a tree the tree turned around and there was the face again i screamed and ran away i had a stitch in my side but i kept running  there was a house in the distance finally i thought i am safe i ran up to the door and knocked there was a creak as the door open and the  face came into view

May 28 2017

BTN Bombing in Manchester

You may have recently heard about the bombing in Manchester  in a concert there was a suicide bomber said to be from a terrorist group who bombed the concert 22 people were hurt during the bombing.

1 fact was that the attacker died in the explosion proving that he or she was a suicide bomber. Another fact is that both the national and local police are involved And one last fact is that Loads of world leaders are also helping the UK

One understanding is that This is a very big case and is very scary to think about One more understanding is that many people can become upset with this news

One question i have is that why did the attacker commit suicide during the bombing


May 28 2017

100WC The Eater

There once was a Eater an Eater is a ghost that posses things for example it could posses a bunch of newspapers the reason people call the ghost eater is because it eats as much as it can because the ghosts because they are dead can not have the joy of eating so they posses other things so that they can get as close to a meal as they can… Oh no thank you Will i am quite full there is no way i can eat that sandwich…No…..My….Arms….Paper…Eat…Must….Now….Burger

May 25 2017

Melbourne Aquarium

Today we went to Melbourne Aquarium we learnt a lot about adaptations.

In science we are learning about adaptations. Here is a definition of Adaptations:

Living things have structural features and adaptations that help them survive in their environment

here is the link to the aquarium click here

Today at the Aquarium we looked at a crocodile the croc was only one of the many animal that we saw but it wa very interesting and had lots of adaptations. One adaptation that the crocodile had was that its scales were very tough this would mean that it would be very hard to scratch it the. The croc also can lie still for a long time without moving it is cold blooded so it will have to stay still for a long time. The croc is also really good at camouflaging it can lie still and look like a log really well then when it sees any prey that is close it eats. If a croc eats a good sized meal it can survive without food for a year.