July 31 2016


Christchurch is the biggest city in the south island of new zealand the quake was 6.3 on the recepta scale the city was still recovering from its last earthquake the tectonic plates are the ones that cause this destruction but they only move a few centimeters a year. The last earthquake was a 7.1 one so why did the smaller cause more destruction because it was closer to the surface. i can’t wait to find out more

July 31 2016

100WC the magic woods

goal: to use lots of emotive language

After the dark…

In the woods…

Away from home…


Don’t know what to do…

Golden leaves everywhere think this is the end of my sad miserable uncomfortable horrific life. Feeling uneasy fell of my horse horse is gone don’t know what to do… Pain… feeling pain.. lots of pain… Something slithering into my throat feels cold half awake half asleep half mad and a half blood dont know where is up or down or west or east closing my eyes for the last time.


July 25 2016


The doomsday vault has loads of seeds in it the doomsday vault is used to save plant species from being extinct. The vault freezes the plant and slows the growth down so that the seed can still be planted centuries later scentists say the vault is super important for loads of reasons the vault can help the production of foods and can keep endangered animals thriving i can’t wait to find out more.

July 10 2016



I have improved in my reading area a lot because I can successfully find the rough meaning of an unknown word by looking around the word for ‘clues’ and I can output my knowledge in reading into writing. Also in Numeracy I use the strategies in the mathematician’s toolbox very effectively. Also I have improved in my problem solving



In our integrated unit we focused on science and chemical changes and physical changes and we also did some research on a certain topic this topic is a prepared speech that I presented to the class. And we also did an experiment in a group of two. In our group we were allowed to choose what our experiment was going to be about then when the experiment was done we made a report and presented it to the class we also presented a method on how to do the experiment.