August 23 2016

BTN olympic succsess

this BTN article was about how Australia may be spending too much money on our athletes  and also is 12 million dollars worth spending just to get one gold medal back to your own property? people  say that we should stop funding our athletes too much and give money to other people who need it more like the poor. I personally agree but other people say that we are doing just fine and some people say that we should spend even more money on our athletes.

August 22 2016

1OOWC Black Flamingo Extraordinary Poked Underneath

Underneath the extraordinary black flamingo there was a glowing light of pure gold  Jimmy just wanted the flamingo to move so he could have a closer look. Jimmy poked the flamingo the flamingo fluttered off into the distance jimmy took the light in his hands and started to carry it home. By the time he reached home and looked at his hands the ball was gone but his hands were golden the ball had melted and jimmy’s hands stayed golden and whatever he touched turned to gold…