December 6 2016

2 Hours Of Coding! (Coding Lesson)

Today we did coding for 2 hours if you don’t know what coding is coding is when you give specific commands to a computer or a program and command it to do actions or reach a certain goal anyway here is a bit of the lesson:

Summary Of The Lesson:

So basically what we did is we went on a website called hour of coding and we did activities on coding we constructed simple code and programmed to finish the activities we learned how to do simple code and facts about coding we learn new vocabularies such as debugging,javascript and code script. And we learnt that coding is everywhere and we use it daily.

How We Could Improve This Experience:

I think that we should make a coding club where we learn coding and code our own projects and we could use scratch (an app on our computers for coding) and in partners we could work on a project then present it to the club we could make the club student led to also boost our leadership skills and we should learn advanced coding and learn to use Javascript,Ruby or Python

Things That Confuse Me

Scratch confuses me because I don’t know the coding/computer language and I don’t know how to read and write the computer language

Things That Excites Me

The fact that I have complete access to learning about coding/programming.