February 28 2017


Hello everyone my name is Aryaveer I have been at this school for 7 years and have never been in any club or organisation and I have always dreamed about being in the SRC I believe that it is a great honor so here is a short letter on why I believe I am worthy of being your SRC representative

I am a great leader I go to the Western Judo Academy and their I have to help younger or less experienced fighters and in order to do that I must be a great leader

I also consider everyone’s ideas so no one will be left out

I am very organised and can plan events well and am sure that i will be able to fit SRC in my schedule in my schedule i have judo,saxophone,homework,reading,chores,sport,maths and much more

I am also willing to sacrifice my time to attend meetings and make our school a better place

This text was about how I would very much like if i be elected as 5/6A SRC representative thank you for reading my letter



Aryaveer Gill

February 28 2017

…however, yellow, gingerly, discovered, remarkable… 100WC

The ship slowed to a halt the engines died the YELLOW flame flickered and went out Captain Stanley GINGERLY touched the control panel all the REMARKABLE things Captain Stanley had done came back to me he was the one who had DISCOVERED AL37 a asteroid that has been home to over 3 billion people however Stanley cant stop what is coming  we float around in open space for a while our  oxygen levels going low  the power on the ship slowly leaking out into the void the empty food crates floating around the bedrooms all hope was lost they were all stuck in space forever…

February 27 2017

100WC Camp Archery

The string is pulled back the arrow notched into place the target taunting me. The bow is vibrating with power sweaty hands grip the bow tight. My eyes are locked on to the center. The arrow protesting to be launched the target  clearer than ever, the bow humming, my palms sweaty … The arrow launches out of the bow, hitting the bullseye  with the force of a cyclone. The whistling sound of the arrow fills my ears. Shock rumbles through me  excitement waiting to be let free wings ready to unfold. As my eyes gaze upon the arrow in the bullseye…

February 6 2017

Safer Internet Day 2017!

Today was Safer Internet Day 2017

The webinar was about us being safer on the internet. And keeping our privacy to ourselves and what to do if we were getting cyberbullied.

What I Already Know and do:

I already tell someone  trust when I experience a problem and get advice from them I also report nasty things that people say in the chat.

My Goal To Being Safer On The Internet:

Is to be more cautious about who I tell info too even if I think they are my friends in real life.