April 30 2017

BTN Pluto!

Pluto once was called a planet then a dwarf planet some scientists want to make it a planet again i understand that if Pluto was to become a planet then so would many others like our moon  one fact is that Pluto is smaller than the earths moon another fact is that some scientists think that a planet is a planet not because of its size but because of the features it has one question is that when will Pluto become a planet?

April 30 2017

100WC The Crystal

Amy was a ant. she loved working she would always go out of the nest and look for food she loved to explore Amy one day found a crystal ball the crystal showed a future it was both a blessing and a curse Amy could see if her next trip would be successful or a disaster. But if she used it to much she would drown in the water the crystal was surrounded in Amy wondered if she could find a solution to the problem oh but what is this Amy has seen? the destruction of her nest…

April 23 2017

100WC The Ghosts of Drogo

Donald McRonald was a ghost and so was his friend Ronald McDonald they haunted the castle of  Drogo I bet that you don’t believe me but if you were to go there you would see they camouflage into walls and ceilings so you never know where they have it is said that they can make people vanish into thin air and then never to be seen again and that the ghosts sometimes make strange statements after someone has vanished these myths where all reports from tourists i will leave it up to you to see if they are tr-….. We are coming…