April 23 2017

100WC The Ghosts of Drogo

Donald McRonald was a ghost and so was his friend Ronald McDonald they haunted the castle of  Drogo I bet that you don’t believe me but if you were to go there you would see they camouflage into walls and ceilings so you never know where they have it is said that they can make people vanish into thin air and then never to be seen again and that the ghosts sometimes make strange statements after someone has vanished these myths where all reports from tourists i will leave it up to you to see if they are tr-….. We are coming…

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2 thoughts on “100WC The Ghosts of Drogo

  1. Finian

    hi Aryaveer,
    really love the end and the castle of Drogo. but you maybe could think of a better variety of names.

  2. libby2016

    I love the conversational tone of this writing. You engage the reader, and we start to question – are there really ghosts? One important thing missing – there are no full stops!


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