May 25 2017

Melbourne Aquarium

Today we went to Melbourne Aquarium we learnt a lot about adaptations.

In science we are learning about adaptations. Here is a definition of Adaptations:

Living things have structural features and adaptations that help them survive in their environment

here is the link to the aquarium click here

Today at the Aquarium we looked at a crocodile the croc was only one of the many animal that we saw but it wa very interesting and had lots of adaptations. One adaptation that the crocodile had was that its scales were very tough this would mean that it would be very hard to scratch it the. The croc also can lie still for a long time without moving it is cold blooded so it will have to stay still for a long time. The croc is also really good at camouflaging it can lie still and look like a log really well then when it sees any prey that is close it eats. If a croc eats a good sized meal it can survive without food for a year.

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