June 4 2017

Btn weedy sea dragons

Weedy sea dragons are little animals that live near the coast of Australia here are some facts understandings and a question about them


1 They are found mostly in the south and east coast but can be found north of Australia

2 They are related to sea horses

3 and they can really blend in with their habitat


One understanding is that weedy sea dragons are endangered and are harder and harder to spot and thats not because of their camouflage another understanding is that biologists have a very good idea to find out how many of them are left they ask scientists to go down find a weedy and take a picture then they can see the weedy and can count how many are left


One question i have is how many weedy sea dragons are there?


June 4 2017

100wc … in the flash of lightning I saw …

… in the flash of lightning I saw …  A creepy face in the lightning i felt terrified i ran away the rain was lashing at my face ran until i couldn’t run anymore i stopped and rested under a tree the tree turned around and there was the face again i screamed and ran away i had a stitch in my side but i kept running  there was a house in the distance finally i thought i am safe i ran up to the door and knocked there was a creak as the door open and the  face came into view