July 23 2017


I sat on my horse on the carousal this would be boring I thought  I wondered if it would take long I really wanted to continue playing Pokemon go I gave a humph and plopped onto the back of the horse this would be boring the carousel began to slowly spin this would be boring. the horse that I was on slowly went up and down there was a loud creak every time suddenly some purple dust fluttered onto the horses and I turned to my friends behind me but they were not there horses sped off towards the sun. this is fun!

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May 16 2017


Goal to add more description

The wide mouth of the cave opened up within the room along the walls were orange crocodiles the cave was dark and seemed empty each footstep echoed louder than shouts many collapsed skeletons littered the cave floor loads of treasure was hauled to either side of the room crocodiles of all shapes and sizes printed on them there was a low growl sounding from the end of the cave its probably just a rock falling…right?…. suddenly a huge crocodile came out of the shadows its teeth bared and its eyes looking hungry for blood.

March 29 2017

100WC Hard Beautiful Brown Worried Camera

Stuck…Again… When will I stop getting stuck in big brown houses… If you don’t know what i am talking about then let me tell you. You see there is a beautiful camera that takes pictures… but… it is cursed and is hard to break so you cant get rid of it. And i am worried that someone will take a picture with it you see whatever it takes a picture of freezes in time…FOREVER!… So  i am trying to stop tha- what was that noise? What is that hovering noise OH NO NO NO NO stop no please don’t hit the button! ‘click’ ‘FLASH’…

March 14 2017

…so that is why I am always last…

I walked over to the starting line. I can feel the burning sun on my neck the ground is hard on my feet I look around the other contestants are also sweating and looking nervous the referee hold up his starting pistol the judges give him a nod BANG! I am off like a rocket! breathing  heavily I run like the wind but then I start to slow down! as my foot lands on the ground I try to lift it up but i am stuck! i look under my foot… bubblegum …so that is why I am always last… 

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March 7 2017


The hand stretched out the tree was begging for more time the trees have taken enough time nothing will stop me from rising now even those puny earthlings can’t stop me. My time has come I must go forth and rule earth next I shall conquer the universe to rule earth I must destroy all trees the puny humans will die because of no oxygen to help their puny little bodies oh how disgusting they are just bags of meat all of earth will pay me the mighty Pollution can not be stopped now!

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