May 28 2017

BTN Bombing in Manchester

You may have recently heard about the bombing in Manchester  in a concert there was a suicide bomber said to be from a terrorist group who bombed the concert 22 people were hurt during the bombing.

1 fact was that the attacker died in the explosion proving that he or she was a suicide bomber. Another fact is that both the national and local police are involved And one last fact is that Loads of world leaders are also helping the UK

One understanding is that This is a very big case and is very scary to think about One more understanding is that many people can become upset with this news

One question i have is that why did the attacker commit suicide during the bombing


May 11 2017

Btn River Kids

one fact that i learned is that the Murray river is very important for native people and without it many kids would lose their joy. Another fact is that the Murray river is the longest river in Australia. Another fact is that the Murray river has loads of people who look up to it some even look up to it as their jobs! One understanding that i have is that the Murray river is important for all Australians it supplies us with loads of things another understanding is that the Murray river is defiantly helpful in farms where when they run out of water in the summer they can simply get some from the Murray river. One question is that how long has the Murray river been around for?

May 7 2017

BTN Unfairy Tales

When some people think that they cant live in the country that they are in they may want to go somewhere else people who do this are called refugees.

One fact is that being a refugee is very hard. You go to a whole new place you may not even know the language that people are speaking there and all the food and daily things might be completely new to you. Another fact is that refugee camps can be very challenging places to live because you miss all of your friends and you don’t really fit in. One more fact is that it is really unfair for kids at a very young age to have to live like this no one should have to be a refugee. one understanding is that there are lots of refugees there are lots of people who gave up everything another understanding is that these are all true stories refugees  should not be taken lightly it is a serious matter one question i have is that how many people will become inspired to help refugees?