February 28 2017


Hello everyone my name is Aryaveer I have been at this school for 7 years and have never been in any club or organisation and I have always dreamed about being in the SRC I believe that it is a great honor so here is a short letter on why I believe I am worthy of being your SRC representative

I am a great leader I go to the Western Judo Academy and their I have to help younger or less experienced fighters and in order to do that I must be a great leader

I also consider everyone’s ideas so no one will be left out

I am very organised and can plan events well and am sure that i will be able to fit SRC in my schedule in my schedule i have judo,saxophone,homework,reading,chores,sport,maths and much more

I am also willing to sacrifice my time to attend meetings and make our school a better place

This text was about how I would very much like if i be elected as 5/6A SRC representative thank you for reading my letter



Aryaveer Gill