February 6 2017

Safer Internet Day 2017!

Today was Safer Internet Day 2017

The webinar was about us being safer on the internet. And keeping our privacy to ourselves and what to do if we were getting cyberbullied.

What I Already Know and do:

I already tell someone  trust when I experience a problem and get advice from them I also report nasty things that people say in the chat.

My Goal To Being Safer On The Internet:

Is to be more cautious about who I tell info too even if I think they are my friends in real life.

June 24 2016


I have improved in my reading area I can identify the main idea also I have improved in my Numeracy because I can use the area model confidently. And I am also very confident with problem solving. I also know that in the parliament the party with the most members gets to form parliament and when a bill needs to be passed in goes through the house of representatives then it goes to the senate and then it goes to the governor general to become a law.