December 6 2016

2 Hours Of Coding! (Coding Lesson)

Today we did coding for 2 hours if you don’t know what coding is coding is when you give specific commands to a computer or a program and command it to do actions or reach a certain goal anyway here is a bit of the lesson:

Summary Of The Lesson:

So basically what we did is we went on a website called hour of coding and we did activities on coding we constructed simple code and programmed to finish the activities we learned how to do simple code and facts about coding we learn new vocabularies such as debugging,javascript and code script. And we learnt that coding is everywhere and we use it daily.

How We Could Improve This Experience:

I think that we should make a coding club where we learn coding and code our own projects and we could use scratch (an app on our computers for coding) and in partners we could work on a project then present it to the club we could make the club student led to also boost our leadership skills and we should learn advanced coding and learn to use Javascript,Ruby or Python

Things That Confuse Me

Scratch confuses me because I don’t know the coding/computer language and I don’t know how to read and write the computer language

Things That Excites Me

The fact that I have complete access to learning about coding/programming.


June 22 2016


In science, Lilly and I are doing a science experiment on freezing oil. Our science topic is chemistry/ changing matter. The year 5 standards is on our teacher’s blog and the rubric on what we are going to be assessed on is this document – Science-Experiment-Lab-Report-Rubric.

Aim: To see if the viscosity of oil will effect it from freezing and to observe if the viscosity will affect whether it is reversible and the speed.

Hypothesis/prediction: We predict that the viscosity of the oil will make the oil freeze at a very cold temperature and it will take a longer amount of time compared to the water. The viscosity is thick which will affect the way that it is freezes. It will melt slower because the thickness might take longer to get back to its original state.

This is a method download.


First taken out of freezer oil looks like butter

Both melting very quickly, water melting faster

Oil started melting very quickly faster than water

Oil took 22 minuets

Water took 32 minuets

Oil felt oily

Before                                                                            After

b        a

Discussions: Oil is a lipid. They freeze at a very cold temperature after a long period of time because lipids can nearly stay in the same form no matter what the temperature unlike water. Lipids don’t have a significant  freezing or melting point. They will slow down or stop depending on the temperature. The lipids caused the oil to freeze because our freezer was -10 degrees Celsius

Conclusion: Our prediction was that the frozen oil cubes would melt slower than the ice cubes but it did the opposite. The oil cubes melted 16 minutes faster than the oil cubes. This happened because of the lipids in the oil. They do not need a lot of heat to get to their back to their original state. We also predicted that the oil would freeze and it did. A future experiment we think we could do is a ice experiment we found on the internet. If you would like to do it this is the website – ice experiment

Our glossary is this document – Glossary