April 30 2017

BTN Pluto!

Pluto once was called a planet then a dwarf planet some scientists want to make it a planet again i understand that if Pluto was to become a planet then so would many others like our moon  one fact is that Pluto is smaller than the earths moon another fact is that some scientists think that a planet is a planet not because of its size but because of the features it has one question is that when will Pluto become a planet?

April 30 2017

100WC The Crystal

Amy was a ant. she loved working she would always go out of the nest and look for food she loved to explore Amy one day found a crystal ball the crystal showed a future it was both a blessing and a curse Amy could see if her next trip would be successful or a disaster. But if she used it to much she would drown in the water the crystal was surrounded in Amy wondered if she could find a solution to the problem oh but what is this Amy has seen? the destruction of her nest…

April 23 2017

100WC The Ghosts of Drogo

Donald McRonald was a ghost and so was his friend Ronald McDonald they haunted the castle of  Drogo I bet that you don’t believe me but if you were to go there you would see they camouflage into walls and ceilings so you never know where they have it is said that they can make people vanish into thin air and then never to be seen again and that the ghosts sometimes make strange statements after someone has vanished these myths where all reports from tourists i will leave it up to you to see if they are tr-….. We are coming…

March 30 2017

BTN History Anh Doh

1 Recall I recalled that Anh Doh came to Australia as a refugee when he was only TWO years old

2 I also recall that the journey to Australia was very hard the boat was attacked by pirates and storms

3 another recall is that Anh Doh and his family had to survive with whatever they got even if they had to wear clothes that they probably weren’t used to.

1 question is that how did Anh and his family feel like when they came to Australia?

2 another question is that are there more people like Anh who also found it hard and if so how many?

1 insight is that Anh Doh was defiantly an amazing man who has a remarkable story.

March 25 2017

BTN Federation explaned

1 fact is that all the colonies had different railways

1 another fact is that great Britain was in charge of all the colonies

3 another fact is that all the colonies were in their own ways different some and more defense others had more trade

1 understanding is that if all the colonies got together they would all have bigger armies to help defend themselves

2 another understanding is that creating a nation is defiantly not easy all the colonies had to agree with each other

1 question that I have is what would Australia be like if all the colonies became nations?

March 25 2017

100WC ..but how can something so tiny …

I was walking down the street when I saw a tiny dog now I don’t mean like knee high tiny I mean smaller than your fingernail I nearly stepped on it but when I heard a tiny bark from a tiny dog from a tiny sidewalk nearly falling into a tiny gutter that fell into a tiny hole I picked the tiny dog in my tiny hand and saw its tiny eyes with tiny pupils I wondered to myself ..but how can something so tiny …?

March 2 2017

BTN First Fleet

Three facts are that  the aboriginals had been living there for tens of thousands of years. The ships left Portsmouth on 13 May 1787. And Captain Arthur Phillip was chosen to lead the colony.

Two understanding are that i understand that the convicts had to steal to survive and that convict life was hard for convicts

one question that i have is that how would it feel like to be a convict?

February 28 2017

…however, yellow, gingerly, discovered, remarkable… 100WC

The ship slowed to a halt the engines died the YELLOW flame flickered and went out Captain Stanley GINGERLY touched the control panel all the REMARKABLE things Captain Stanley had done came back to me he was the one who had DISCOVERED AL37 a asteroid that has been home to over 3 billion people however Stanley cant stop what is coming  we float around in open space for a while our  oxygen levels going low  the power on the ship slowly leaking out into the void the empty food crates floating around the bedrooms all hope was lost they were all stuck in space forever…

February 27 2017

100WC Camp Archery

The string is pulled back the arrow notched into place the target taunting me. The bow is vibrating with power sweaty hands grip the bow tight. My eyes are locked on to the center. The arrow protesting to be launched the target  clearer than ever, the bow humming, my palms sweaty … The arrow launches out of the bow, hitting the bullseye  with the force of a cyclone. The whistling sound of the arrow fills my ears. Shock rumbles through me  excitement waiting to be let free wings ready to unfold. As my eyes gaze upon the arrow in the bullseye…

December 6 2016

2 Hours Of Coding! (Coding Lesson)

Today we did coding for 2 hours if you don’t know what coding is coding is when you give specific commands to a computer or a program and command it to do actions or reach a certain goal anyway here is a bit of the lesson:

Summary Of The Lesson:

So basically what we did is we went on a website called hour of coding and we did activities on coding we constructed simple code and programmed to finish the activities we learned how to do simple code and facts about coding we learn new vocabularies such as debugging,javascript and code script. And we learnt that coding is everywhere and we use it daily.

How We Could Improve This Experience:

I think that we should make a coding club where we learn coding and code our own projects and we could use scratch (an app on our computers for coding) and in partners we could work on a project then present it to the club we could make the club student led to also boost our leadership skills and we should learn advanced coding and learn to use Javascript,Ruby or Python

Things That Confuse Me

Scratch confuses me because I don’t know the coding/computer language and I don’t know how to read and write the computer language

Things That Excites Me

The fact that I have complete access to learning about coding/programming.